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Do you rent?

Would you like reduced power bills?

Think the power to make the change to solar is not in your hands?

Here are a few steps you can take to get the ball rolling:

  1. Talk to your agent, many of them partner with us and will assist you in raising the prospect of a solar energy or hot water system with your landlord.
  2. When you do have that discussion, talk about vacancy rates in Alice Springs, they average 2-3 months, and cost landlords a lot of money in lost rent. In markets like the Alice Springs rental market, landlords have to hold on to their tenants.
  3. Let the landlord know that many schemes, including the Smart Energy Grant, can be used by landlords to recoup some of the cost of the solar systems.
  4. Vote with your feet, many rental properties in Alice Springs already have solar power installed and certified as part of our Solar Agent Certification program, we are about creating positive change, but nothing works to inspire change quite like market pressure!