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Agents are uniquely poised to take facilitate the negotiation of new and upgraded solar power within rental properties, as suck, Alice Solar Homes has developed a certification system that can be administered by the agents during inspections with the assistance of Alice Solar Homes.

We have utilized the following icons to represent important components of regional, rural and remote solar power infrastructure:

[4 icons in one line]

Batteries and inductors with valt-watt response mode help smooth out any spikes of voltages, which has often been attributed to power outages in solar powered homes. Insufficiently thick wiring is another cause of high voltage power cut-outs and is part of any installers obligations to standards bodies.

This certification system is designed to reassure renters that the solar systems that have been installed are checked and will not cut out.

The other two icons used indicate how many kWA the solar panel provides the home (2 per icon, with 5 meaning 10kWA or more) and the presence of solar hot water is also added by the symbol.

[the certification sun, v2]

On rental pages, the certification would be positioned in a moderately prominent location on the site as suggested in the following screenshots:

[Profile 1]

[Profile 2]


Well, If we take the current Core Logic property data for [Alice Springs](, [Larapinta](, [The Gap]( and [East Side]( as examples, Landlords must wait between 64 and 104 to have a vacated rental filled. Having an in-demand rental property can place landlords’ porperties on the bottom 50% of those averages, potentially saving landlords thousands of dollars in lost rental income.

Moreover, Renters will choose solar powered properties for the benefits they provide in reductions in power bills and to make a choice that positively effects the environment.