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Solar in Alice Springs

Alice Springs and the Northern Territory is benefitting from a high degree of enthusiasm and support for the uptake of renewable energy. According to the Economic Development Network, solar represents the most promising renewable source of energy for the Territory and so, on the back of the Roadmap to Renewables report the Northern Territory government has committed to 50% Solar power generation by 2030.

However, there are significant barriers to the implementation of solar in Alice Springs and the surrounding remote communities.

The changing supply of energy has led to a circumstance where power companies are having to amend the configuration of the grid to ensure that power to homes and businesses are not cut during high-voltage surges of over 253 volts. This is a particular concern for Alice Springs residents, so much so that it has made it on to Power and Water’s FAQ page.

Another barrier to a more complete adoption of solar in Alice Springs and the surrounds is the complex set of relationships that exist between landlords, tenants and agents.

SolarAS therefore proposes that the various stakeholders to the development of solar energy in Alice Springs and surrounds change the way in which solar is marketed and delivered to consumers.

The pages of this site each contain ideas as to how this can be done. We have delivered a tailored approach that compliments the work already done in this space. We are confident that our solution will help to continue the growth of solar installing and maintenance businesses and will invigorate an already growing economy in the Northern Territory.